Deep Forest <br>Organic Pu-erh Tea
Deep Forest <br>Organic Pu-erh Tea
Deep Forest <br>Organic Pu-erh Tea
Deep Forest <br>Organic Pu-erh Tea

Deep Forest
Organic Pu-erh Tea

It tastes:

like loose leaf style, earthy, aged tea. Deep and rich; pu’erh has an espresso-like character, smooth body and a robust, molasses-like finish.

It’s good for:

Um, everything? It reduces cholesterol (Please go research. It’s astounding.), it fights bad breath, it prevents a host of illnesses, cleanses toxins in the blood, reduces stress and helps with sleep, aids digestion, prevents stroke and makes you not miss (at all!) your morning (or afternoon) coffee.**

It's doing good for:

one of 5 cause areas of your choice.

It’s pretty awesome because:

it tastes like the deep, damp forest in the best way. It has a stellar reputation for being a weight-loss tea and has been used to control diabetes, remove toxins, aid digestion, reduce cholesterol and is anti-inflammatory.**

It goes well with:

Dim Sum, pouring over Humans of New York in jeans you thought would never fit again

It comes from:

Yunnan Province, China

What’s in it?

organic *Pu-erh tea (Sometimes people spell it pu'erh or even just puerh.)
*Fair Trade Certified™ by Fair Trade USA



This how to do it: 

Check out our How to Steep Guide.

Sit up (and take notice):

If you want a stronger flavor add more tea NOT more time. For iced tea brew at double strength for the correct steep time then dilute over ice.

1 lb=

200 servings

3 oz=

38 servings

**In order to stay out of jail, we are required by law to tell you that none of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA. No products listed on our website are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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