Zen Matcha <br>Organic Matcha Green Tea
Zen Matcha <br>Organic Matcha Green Tea
Zen Matcha <br>Organic Matcha Green Tea
Zen Matcha <br>Organic Matcha Green Tea

Zen Matcha
Organic Matcha Green Tea

It tastes:

fresh and vegetal. Organic Matcha is a fine ground, beautiful hued green tea powder that can not be compared to any other tea. It looks and tastes completely original.

It’s good for:

antioxidants, enhancing calm, boosting memory and concentration, increasing energy levels and endurance, burning calories, detoxifying the body, clearing the skin, fortifying the immune system and improving cholesterol levels.**

It's doing good for: 

one of 5 cause areas of your choice.

It’s pretty awesome because:

this way of processing and preparing tea was originally created, and eventually abandoned, in China. Traveling Zen monks from Japan saw this way of turning tea into powder, brought tea and tea seeds back with them to Japan and began their own tradition of creating powdered green tea – and Matcha was born. Today, Zen monasteries in Japan use Matcha to keep them awake and alert during long periods of meditation. You can use it to get through work with a smile. 

It goes well with:

dark chocolate, focusing up

It comes from: 


What’s in it? 

organic Matcha green tea powder



This how to do it: 

Check out our How to Steep Guide.

This is how to do it:

1. Use between 1/2 – 1 teaspoon of matcha powder per cup.  (It's totally up to personal preference on how strong you like your matcha. Experiment away!)

2. Add 2 oz (ish) of just below boiling water. This is important! Burning the powder will make it taste bitter. If you’re not entirely sure, too cool is much better than too hot!

3. Mix it up in a W shape, using a bamboo whisk, a kitchen whisk or even a fork. Whisk well until all lumps are gone and tea is smooth and creamy with a fine foam on top. Make sure you get all the matcha from around the cup or any that might be stuck at the bottom.

4. Once you have a liquid paste top off with 4-6 oz of 175 (ish) degree water (to taste). Stir. If you are making a matcha latte substitute the 4-6 oz of water with your milk of choice.

5.Drink Up!

8 oz=

240 servings

2 oz=

60 servings

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