Saving Grey <br>Organic Earl Grey Black Tea
Saving Grey <br>Organic Earl Grey Black Tea
Saving Grey <br>Organic Earl Grey Black Tea
Saving Grey <br>Organic Earl Grey Black Tea

Saving Grey
Organic Earl Grey Black Tea

It tastes: 

like organic Fair Trade black tea infused with aromatic bergamot oil.

It’s good for:

protecting your body from damage by free radicals, protecting against cancer-causing cells, lowering high blood pressure and maintaining a healthy one, lowering cholesterol, helping keep teeth and gums healthy, preventing and reversing skin damage, increasing metabolism and encouraging the body to burn more fat, reducing blood sugar to help to prevent and alleviate the symptoms of diabetes, reducing stress and increasing energy.**

It's doing good for: 

one of 5 cause areas of your choice.

It’s pretty awesome because:

one tale of Earl Grey tells how a British diplomat on a mission to China saved the life of a Mandarin man and as a gift of gratitude was given the recipe for this flavored tea. This diplomat then returned to Britain and presented the tea to the Prime Minister of the day, Earl Grey. Another tale says it was the Prime Minister himself who saved the Mandarin man and the tea was named for him. Either way someone did some life saving and that’s awesome. 

It goes well with:

organic macaroons, fighting extreme poverty

It comes from: 

Sri Lanka

What’s in it? 

organic *black tea and oil of bergamot

*Fair Trade Certified™ by Fair Trade USA



This how to do it: 

Check out our How to Steep Guide.

Sit up (and take notice):

If you want a stronger flavor add more tea NOT more time. For iced tea brew at double strength for the correct steep time then dilute over ice.

1 lb=

190 servings

3 oz=

36 servings

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