Superhero <br>Organic Blueberry White Tea
Superhero <br>Organic Blueberry White Tea
Superhero <br>Organic Blueberry White Tea
Superhero <br>Organic Blueberry White Tea

Organic Blueberry White Tea

It tastes: 

like an intoxicating blend of organic blueberries and organic white tea; excellent both hot and iced.

It’s good for:

getting some EGCG, a potent catechin that neutralizes the harmful free radicals in the cells, restoring fluid balance, clearing up skin, stimulating the brain, strengthening antibacterial activity, accelerating metabolism, helping lower your sugar intake and relaxing.**

It's doing good for: 

one of 5 cause areas of your choice.

It’s pretty awesome because:

like all of you changemakers who help wherever and whenever you can, this tea is a superhero. White tea is very rare. It is harvested only in spring, grown in a few remote places and contains massive amounts of antioxidants. These antioxidants have been found to have many health promoting properties including boosting cardiovascular health, helping to lower cholesterol, reducing the risk of cancer, contributing to healthy, clear skin and enhancing weight loss.** Toss in some blueberries, who’s antioxidant numbers are off the charts, and you have yourself a serious health cocktail.

It goes well with:

a basic salad, a cape

It comes from: 


What’s in it? 

organic white tea, organic blueberries and organic compliant blueberry flavor



This how to do it: 

Check out our How to Steep Guide.

Sit up (and take notice):

If you want a stronger flavor add more tea NOT more time. For iced tea brew at double strength for the correct steep time then dilute over ice.

8 oz=

100 servings

1.5 oz=

19 servings

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