Blue Mountain <br>Organic Indian Nilgiri FOP Black Tea
Blue Mountain <br>Organic Indian Nilgiri FOP Black Tea
Blue Mountain <br>Organic Indian Nilgiri FOP Black Tea
Blue Mountain <br>Organic Indian Nilgiri FOP Black Tea

Blue Mountain
Organic Indian Nilgiri FOP Black Tea

It tastes: 

like twisty full leaves that create a deep red liquor with hints of orange and honeysuckle. It’s low in tannins, high in energy and is ridiculously good cold brewed.

It’s good for:

boosting energy and metabolism to dissolve fat, improving blood flow and digestion, lowering blood pressure and blood sugar, clearing your respiratory tract, improving airflow to the lungs and fighting viruses.**

It's doing good for:

It’s pretty awesome because:

it’s from the Korakundah Estate in the Blue Mountains of India, one of the highest tea estates in the world and one of the first certified Fair Trade estates. The work they’ve been able to do with the income from the Fair Trade premiums is remarkable. From building schools, buying school buses and computers to creating pension funds, and delivering vaccines this estate is crushing it.

It goes well with:

Pad Thai, pouring over Betsy Teutsch’s 100 Under $100: One Hundred Tools for Empowering Global Women

It comes from:


What’s in it?

organic *Nilgiri black tea

*Fair Trade Certified™ by Fair Trade USA



This how to do it: 

Check out our How to Steep Guide.

Sit up (and take notice):

If you want a stronger flavor add more tea NOT more time. For iced tea brew at double strength for the correct steep time then dilute over ice.


This tea is awesome for iced tea as it doesn’t cloud as much. Pssst. It can also be used to make the ubiquitous sweet tea of the South. Not too much sugar though, okay? Okay.

1 lb=

200 servings

3 oz=

38 servings

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